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Polaris, Fiction

The Deity and the Child

Alanna Tieschmaker

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

The Deity and the Child

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Editor's Note: This is the third part of a series. The first two parts were previously released in POLARIS. 


When he opened his eyes, the blinding light made him close them immediately. He tried to bring his arm over his eyes, but they would not move. Blinking rapidly, Kendrick slowly adjusted to the sun. His head was pounding, and images danced under his eyelids as he fully awoke.  


The first thing he registered was the amount of green. The grass and bushes and trees were all a healthy bright green. Kendrick had never seen a color so bright. Where was he?  


Looking around, he found that on all sides thorny bushes boxed him in. There was enough space to lay down at least. Finally, he looked towards his arms, wondering why he could not move them. Thick vines twisted over his torso, pinning his arms and keeping him on the ground.  


He tried to sit up, but it was no use. He could not move.  


A panic began to well inside him. He hated being stuck in one place. His parents would always say he moved too much. They would put him in the closet and keep him there, ignoring his shivering sobs and pitiful cries for them. This was like the closet but 10 times worse. At least in the closet he could move his arms, fiddle with his fingers, wrap his arms around himself in a gesture of self-comfort.  


His vision was blurred by his own tears, his panic preventing any chance of rational thoughts. He continued to thrash on the ground, movements becoming more frantic after each failed attempt.  


Due to his frenzy, he was unable to hear the sounds of someone approaching. The retraction of the bushes went unnoticed, as did the thundering steps that grew closer every second. The vines suddenly unraveled, and Kendrick could move again.  


He folded inwards, wrapping his arms around himself and cherishing the movement of his arms. Even with his mobility returned to him, it took a few minutes to regain control of his breathing and register who was in front of him.  


“W-who are you?” Kendrick quietly asked. The being in front of him did not respond, but instead continued to stare undauntingly at him.  


Courage returning, his next question was asked in a steadier, albeit still timid voice. “What do you want from me?”  


No response. 


The silence threatened to overwhelm them. Finally, the figure turned and gestured towards the entrance in the bushes. 


“Follow.” His voice commanded power and left no room for argument. He began to walk towards the exit. Kendrick slowly climbed to his feet, unsure of what to do. His parents always told him not to follow strangers, but this man was much bigger and scarier. Plus, he thought, maybe his parents were lying to him. After all, they weren’t the nicest to him. Maybe the scary people are nice, like how the not-scary people are mean. Reassured, Kendrick followed the man. 


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