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The Excitement of Twitch Channel Point Predictions

By Garrick Neuner

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

The Excitement of Twitch Channel Point Predictions

Image provided by’s hottest new feature brings more fun and more intensity to the Twitch viewing experience.

For those not in the know, is a popular live streaming platform designed for gaming content. Over the years, Twitch’s scope has expanded from its gaming origins, hosting “Just Chatting” streams and countless other in-real-life genres. On the service, you’ll encounter a wide variety of streams and personalities (from the standard loud, angry gamer-types to compassionate educators and inventive content-creators) so many users successfully find their favorite pocket of closely related games and streamers. One of Twitch’s most prominent features is its live chat, where viewers can interact with each other and their streamer. Through a wide range of emotes and chat features, users are encouraged to engage and actively participate in the streaming experience.

One of these features, called channel points, rewards viewers with an in-app currency for watching streams. These points could then be redeemed to unlock certain emotes and trigger other events, depending on the streamer’s setup. Accruing such points, though, was not quite interesting at launch. All one could do was click on a bright blue pop-up to prove “active watching” and gain bonus points. This boring, formulaic accumulation all changed in late 2020 with the introduction of channel point betting - an exhilarating way to rapidly gain (or lose!) your hard-earned points.

If you want to partake, click on the “prediction started!” popup soon after it appears. On this tab you’ll see the options to bet on, the total points invested on each option, the payout rate, the number of bettors on each side, and the highest bet placed for each side (which can go up to 250,000 points). To bet, simply click the 10-point button once for each 10 points you want to wager, or you can type in your own amount in the text boxes below those buttons. The payouts are based on a pot system, with each winning bettor getting their initial bet back as well as a portion of the wagers from the losing side. For example, in a 33% to 67% split, the first option will have a payout of 3:1 while the second will have a 1.5:1 payout. Thus, lopsided bets can provide the quickest boost in points, but usually there’s a reason the whole chat would be against the underdog.

Channel point bets are started and called by either a streamer or their team of moderators. At any point during a stream, if a crucial moment is coming, either of those parties can fire a prediction opportunity. In speedrunning, a genre where a streamer completes a game as fast as possible, bets usually regard whether the streamer will succeed at certain game sections, dividing the viewerbase into “believers” and “doubters”. These two factions often proceed to banter with one another, providing a fun and exciting social opportunity in chat. In fighting games and other competitive titles, bets on winning competitors are often run throughout an entire tournament, creating an easily accessible, no risk, and child friendly bracket prediction system. Other bets can be less clear-cut and more silly, for example betting on if the monster in a new horror game will be “funny.” Bets like these can be subjective, so be careful risking your points on opinionated predictions.

Twitch predictions are a simple and exciting way to get yourself immersed in the Twitch experience, so if you’ve never heard of the platform or are wondering if you’ll like the energy of a stream, find a couple of streams, throw yourself in, and get betting.

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