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The Jealous Ghost

By Victoria Niksa

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

The Jealous Ghost

Image provided by Elaine Ching

Jennifer had been writing in her diary the past few days and ending every entry with these words. She’d being going through trouble with her friends because they’d been talking and playing around without her. Now, she would’ve been alright with this, as long as it wasn’t happening in their group chat with them and their other friends. 

E: ‘Hi darling :)’ 

L: ‘Hello bae!!’ 

Ugh” Jennifer scoffed. “These two and their shenanigans again?” Not even five seconds later, her friend Angelica texted her. 

A: ‘Are you seeing this? I swear these two are killing me.’ 

J: ‘Yes, I am seeing this. Can’t they do this in private messages???’ 

A: ‘I guess not because they’re still at it.’ 

*In the group chat* 

A: ‘Can you guys like stop there’s more than just the two of you guys here and this getting very annoying.’ 

L: ‘You’re just jealous.’ 

E: ‘Yeah you’re just jealous of bae and my relationship.’ 

L: ‘Yeah and Jennifer’s our bae too!’ 

*Messaging Angelica* 

J: ‘Are you seeing this!? They don’t include me in their conversations, but they include me in this??’ 

A: ‘What? Wait let me scroll up and look through the messages.’ at 4:35pm 

A: ‘Oh my gosh they don’t even respond to you they just continue to talk and ignore you. Aren’t they your friends?’ 

J: ‘Yes, they are but I don’t know why they’re including me in this. What the hell, they don’t even pay me any mind half the time.’ 

Lilac and Evie were in the group chat once again talking, ‘singing’ songs. Jennifer was feeling extremely confused and upset. She had no idea why they’d always ostracize her from everything. 

*a week goes by* 

Aside from Jennifer crying in Social Studies one period, crying while texting her friend about her issue, crying herself to sleep, and just crying. She had been feeling alright about where she stood with her friends, but she and her friend Donna agreed it’s about time Jennifer confronted Evie and Lilac. 

J: ‘Guys if I’m going to be like 100% real with you. I’m honestly upset with how I’m being ignored by you both. I feel as if you’re both constantly ignoring me, and I’m just done with it.’ 

E: ‘I was doing homework what.’ 

J: ‘No I mean like a week ago, when you guys  would talk to each other.’ 

E: ‘I never purposefully tried to ignore you…’ 

J: ‘That’s the point.’ 

L: ‘Eliza and I are doing ‘’The Call of the Wild’’ questions lol these are so difficult.” 

J: ‘Are you kidding me. Did you seriously just ignore all of this??’ 

Jennifer had gotten no response. She decided to tell Donna the issue. 

After an emotion-filled document Jennifer made to send Donna to fill her in so she wouldn’t be clueless. She’d gotten a response about 20 minutes later. 

D: ‘That was a lot to take in but oh my goodness how come they still haven’t responded? Also, Lilac must be joking. Can she not read the room?’ 

J: ‘She has to be. This is so stupid. All I wanted was for them to include me in their conversations and now this has happened?’ 

D: ‘At this point just ghost them. No pun intended.’ 

J: ‘At this point maybe I should.’ 

*the next morning* 

In her Home and Careers class, Jennifer’s class had been learning what to do about anger. What a coincidence. During class, she’d been excluding herself from her group. She didn’t want to associate herself with them. While they were all rambling on about the supernatural and whatever anime it is that Evie and Lilac liked, she sat there and listened. Head down, mind blank. Nobody saw her there. It was like she was a ghost to them. 

A jealous ghost. 

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