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The Last Time

Elaine Ching

Volume 4 Issue 5

June 26, 2024

The Last Time

Image Provided by Elaine Ching

It’s that time of year again.  


When you’re ready to throw out every single textbook, test, and temporary ID 

and to delete the Microsoft Teams app from your phone  

and hang up your backpack until next fall.  


But still  




all hang in the air.  


After all cries of  

“what are you doing for summer?” 

“what classes are you taking next year?” 

“when are you going to start the summer assignment?” 

“which senior will you miss the most?” 

Fill the hallways and walk home from that final final.  


And for most, this isn’t the last time they’ll do this. 

This isn’t their last time talking about their schedules for “next school year.” 

This won’t be the final time they shut their locker, knowing they’ll be back in September just to reopen it.  

There will be a meeting with their guidance counselors to talk about “next year’s schedule” next year.  

But for some, this is the last time. 


No more “Oh I’ll take that class when I’m a senior”  


“I think I’ll keep Chorus and Orchestra in my schedule”  


“I’ll come and visit you sometime next year, enjoy your summer!”  


After all,  

Seniors may be the ones graduating 

But for the junior class 

This is their final time saying “Have a good summer and see you next year!”  


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