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Polaris, Fiction

The Luck Giver

By Catherine Duong

Volume 3 Issue 4

May 18, 2023

The Luck Giver

Image Provided by Sky: CotL created by the TGC company

Author’s note: This short story is fanfiction based on a game called Sky: Children of The Light (Sky: CotL) made by the TGC Company.    

Hidden Forest (1) - The fourth sky area within the realm. It is described as a place where it oftentimes rains and has vast forests.    

As spring arose in the sky realm, it was as if life sprung back onto its feet; flowers started to bloom, and everything looked so colorful and vibrant! Around this beautiful season, there was one day in a year that luck would spread about by one person called the Luck Giver. On that day, they would fly across from land to land, swiftly scattering lustrous coins. It is believed that they will bring good fortunes to the sky children!   

Until one day, the Luck Giver ran out of luck this year. There was no such thing as infinite coins and these coins were expensive to the Giver. Standing at the ledge of the Hidden Forest (1) in front of them, they tightly gripped their staff, pondering alternative ways to keep the tradition going. 

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