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The Monsters in Us

By Saniyah Corbin

Volume 2 Issue 1

October 8, 2021

The Monsters in Us

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I did not know what was coming until I killed the only one I loved. Then I went into a deep state of fear after hearing sirens. I started to run out of the house, realizing I feared that I was becoming a monster. I was alone. Everything had changed since I was bitten by a vampire; all I remember was walking out of the school at 12 am. The bushes started to move, so I checked it out, and then he jumped out and bit me. I was helpless. I could not do anything. When I woke up from passing out, I felt the urge for blood. Any live thing I saw, I thought: I can I bite into that. I went to my boyfriend’s house, and he had a cut. The blood was dripping; I felt like it was pulling me in. I only wanted a taste, but I killed him instead. Then his mom came in early from work. I tried to tell her it was an accident, but I don’t think she could see or hear me. The next day I told my best friend. She was scared at first, then she said that she needed to say something. I was shocked I didn’t know what to believe. So, I ran. When I was turned into a vampire, I thought my emotions heightened. It was scary. I did not know what to do.

Two days later.


I was on a killing rampage. I didn’t know what to do. My thirst for blood was taking over. I had already killed over ten people. I wanted it to end, so I almost did the thing that would kill me forever, until someone behind me said, “Don’t do that.” The voice sounded masculine but comforting. Then I said “Why? It’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out.”

After that, I blacked out again. When I woke up, he was sitting in front of me. At first, my vision was blurry. Then I could see him. It looked like my dad, but he died 3 years ago when he went down to the Mariana Trench and never returned. He was wearing his wedding ring.

Then again, I have read about vampires before they were known to have compulsion powers. So, I tried. As I was looking in his mind, he spoke in a weird language; all I remember was “relinqueret statu mens in illa sunt et cognoscetis veritatem.” Then it felt like I was going back in time with him. I saw an event when I was a baby; it was great. Then all of it transferred into my mind. I thought he was a witch-like my best friend, Layla. It was so crazy, but I tried to leave, then he told me to stay and look through the memories. So, I did...

I saw the truth and found out my mom knew that my dad was not dead but turned into a vampire-witch hybrid. It was crazy, so I did what I always do... I ran. Then it felt like I was in a vampire town, but I knew it was not valid...until a gang of vampires tried to bite me. After that, they bowed; I did not understand what was going on. So, I played along and told them to get up and tell me the meaning of all this. They said “Princessss! We did not know it was you.” Princessss? I thought. Then she ran back to her dad to find him holding a crown. He must have known she was behind him because he said this would all be yours one day. I tried to find out if he was talking to me.

“That’s ridiculous,” I told him. Then left again to find out what my mom knew, and turns out she knew everything because she was a witch herself. She even had a secret lair of blood for newly-turned vampires. I don’t think she knew what I was until I started to drink the blood. The hunger was not there anymore; I felt great.

“You were not supposed to know until you were sixteen” because I became a witch, she explained.

So I will be just like Dad, I thought. Which means that I couldn’t die.

“That means people I have killed have only been turned into vampires,” my mom also told me. She started to walk the street again. Then something came out. I don’t know what it was, but it must have been wrong because I woke up in the hospital. My dad was by my side, and he told me it was a werewolf bite, and the only way to cure it was to have blood from a doppelganger. I don’t even know my doppelganger. And a wolf bite is deadly.

Ahh!” I yelled.

There was a sharp pain in my stomach. It felt like hundreds of pranas eating my flesh. It kept getting worse by the hour. As my dad said, I wish I could end itall right now, but I will be queen soon. So, I had to push through.

Two hours later.

My dad came back with a bottle of blood from the doppelganger. He said, drink this everything stopped hurting the moment one tiny drop went in my mouth; it was relieving. I felt alive, but you know, dead. I wanted to think pleasant thoughts, but all I could see in my head were the pictures of agony that I may have released on the town. We tried to leave, but the nurse said there are vampires out there, and I quietly whispered there are some in here too. My dad said he would handle it, but instead, I said no, it was my turn. He told me to say a bunch of weird words like Venite et ipsi nos ejiciant. Once we had gotten out, I told him to secure the town once everybody was inside and every window and door was locked. I told him to cover the windows so no one would see what we were doing. One by one, I gave them my blood to stop everything from happening. However, I guess they still must have been feeling something because they screamed, and it sounded like bloody murder. I was scared, then it all stopped. They passed out; my dad did a spell I didn’t notice because I finally found the person I’ve been looking for all along. My one true love, he was still alive, only turned into something more deadly. I wasn’t scared. But I still jumped in fear. I don’t know how but something felt different. He wasn’t the person I knew; he was someone totally different. So, I did the only thing that I could. I staked him. I couldn’t do anything else. It was so hard I tried not to show it. Once I showed the vampires our town, I immediately welcomed them and fed them blood, so their hunger wasn’t there anymore. As the years went on, we all lived in peace. The vampires stayed in the nighttime, and the humans stayed in the daytime, but still, I didn’t follow anyone. So I did what I wanted to.

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