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The Obesity of Squirrels

By Manal Layachi

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

The Obesity of Squirrels

Original photos by Manal Layachi

You might think that all squirrels eat is natural like acorns and berries. Well, think again. One day, I was at the park celebrating my uncle’s birthday. I was playing soccer with my cousins, and a squirrel tried to eat some of the dessert when we weren’t looking. This thing was much bigger than the regular size of a squirrel. I got a bit interested in how squirrels are now interested in what humans eat. Another time, I saw a squirrel eating fries and pizza.

The question is: why are squirrels suddenly having an interest in human’s junk food? My prediction is squirrels are craving junk food because they want to get ready hibernation in the winter. In the future, I think squirrels are going to be very big if they keep eating human junk foods. Scientists will study the way the squirrels think during this pandemic and why they are craving these foods. This would be a very interesting thing to study and do research on because squirrels are getting bigger by the year.

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