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The Reasons Behind Fans

By Isabella Menjivar

Volume 1 Issue 3

December 16, 2020

The Reasons Behind Fans

Original image by Eva Grace Martinez

Question: Who’s your favorite music artist and what about them makes you their fan?

“My favorite artist is Maren Morris. She’s my favorite artist because she was passed on from many TV shows such as The Voice, but she never gave up and achieved so much.” -9th grade student

“My favorite artist is Whitney Houston. I’m a fan of Whitney because her lyrics mean something, they tell a story. I love her songs that I relate to because they have a meaning. Not only are they entertaining but I learn something from Whitney’s songs.” -7th grade student

“If I had to choose, my favorite artist would be Demi Lovato because she’s just a genuine down to earth person. She has songs saying to keep going, always have confidence in what you do, and never give up.” -10th grade student

“While I enjoy music from a wide range of artists, I love listening to Mac Miller because he combines the best elements of rap, jazz, and soul with his lyricism in his music.” -11th grade student

“My favorite artist is YOASOBI. I’m their fan because I like the way the person sings and the upbeat music.”-8th grade student

“My favorite artist is Tame Impala because I find that Kevin Parker is a great songwriter. Not only does he write great melodies, but also great lyrics. Though it’s hard to categorize his music, this is actually an advantage because there’s something for everyone.” -12th grade student.

I’ve learned from most of these interviews that what can make us admire a musician is the way they convey their message through song lyrics. We all can find lyrics we relate to, or ones that have given us a new message to live by.

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