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The Team Kindness Experience

By Rachel Ezeadichie

Volume 1 Issue 1

November 1, 2020

The Team Kindness Experience

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My name is Rachel Ezeadichie. I am in 7th grade, and I am on Team Kindness. My short time at North has been full of amazing people, opportunities, and experiences. Team Kindness has been, and still is, a wonderful team, with extraordinary people and teachers. 

Team Kindness, like the other 7th grade teams, hopes to make this school a better place each day. We show kindness to others in every way we can and aim to be better people as we go through our academic studies and lives. The faculty members on this team work as hard as the students to make this school a comfortable and kind place. Mrs. Modzelewski, Ms. Kennedy, Mrs. O’Donoghue and Ms. Steiner and many other teachers are all a part of a faculty that allows for such an amazing Team. 

Some of the teachers on team Kindness were kind enough to share their overall experiences with us. Mrs. Modzelewski said, “Team Kindness is great team! I feel lucky to have such wonderful colleagues and amazing students!” Ms. Kennedy said, “I love being a part of Team Kindness! I’m very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful team and work with such truly amazing students and teachers.” Mrs. Steiner said, “I love being a part of team kindness. I have developed a great working relationship with my fellow Team Kindness teachers. It is so nice to have the same students, so we can discuss their progress and strengths across curriculums. I also enjoy being able to get to know the students through team activities (for example our team gathering on October 30th) and outside of the academic classroom!” Ms. O’Donoghue said, “I really enjoy being on team Kindness. We have such a great crew. I missed teaching 7th grade, and I am lucky that I was chosen to be on Team Kindness this year with such amazing students and coworkers.” 

The Team Kindness faculty has worked hard to make time for fun activities. For example, some of the Team Kindness teachers set aside the second, third, and fourth periods for our classes to get to know each other better with fun Halloween activities. I got to learn a lot more than I thought I would get to know this year about some other students. 

It is obvious that Team Kindness is doing its job in providing the best experience for all its team members at Valley Stream North.

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