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The Written Prophecy Prologue

By Catherine Duong

Volume 1 Issue 2

November 24, 2020

The Written Prophecy Prologue

Image provided by Katie Drummond

“It’s all going too fast...” Amber says as she looks at the city of Araevia.  She is now ruler of the main city, after the city of Gahenna, better known as “Hell,” has attacked once again days ago.  The previous king, King Lucas, offered her and little friend group Flare, Darlene, Joaquin, and Pink, some currency worth a fortune until he noticed a strange mark Amber’s face at the right-hand side.  Astonished, he claimed to make her the next ruler after when he retires, which made a huge turning point of the city’s next generation.  But that wasn’t his decision, it was the god/goddess who made the decision using a special book made by the first three gods/goddess (Irae, Sune, and Phaedra) called the book of prophecy.    Once written down of the event, it cannot be erased and everyone from the myth realm will be affected whether it will be good or bad, but this event causing Amber to be next ruler was a mistake since a god named of Kalen wrote it down for himself and it wasn’t approved of by his partner, Selene, another goddess. The two of them always argue about their ideas for the living and mostly about Kalen’s ideas.  As Selene always says, “Your ideas aren't going to impact the living as much as mine.”    Enraged, Kalen went to the book of prophecy and edited the event without Selene’s permission.  Once Selene figured out that Kalen edited the event, she was in a rage, but she knows that now it’s already been done, and Kalen says to her, “All we can do is observe.”  Now once the event was finished, Amber’s job is to keep the city safe with the help of her friends alongside her journey.

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