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By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 2 Issue 3

January 14, 2022


Image provided by Saatchiart.Com

Trapped in a glass box

I can see out, but no one can see in

People think I'm like a fox

But they don’t know what's under my skin

All they see is the outside

Which I easily cover up with a face

No one can see what I hide

Whatever they see, they embrace

No one asks questions

No how was your day

They don't bother reading expressions

It doesn't matter how gray

Sitting there in a depressed like-state

At this point I'm too far gone

That I don't care if I'm late

Or if the test in front of me is done

Phony laughs, fake smiles

No one can tell the difference

All my coach cares about are the miles

If I'm there or not, no cares about my presence

Everyone thinks my life is picture perfect

Perfect grades, friends, family, and life

But they don't know the real effect

They don’t know about the knife

I'm shattered into tiny pieces

Too small to glue back together

It doesn’t matter the amount of braces

You can't help someone who already surrendered

Deep down inside its ugly

But don't worry, no one knows I’m not happy

Everyone thinks I'm so friendly

They don't know that I'm pretty snappy

Binded by those ice-cold chains

There's not enough warmth to melt the pain

Those empty eyes are all the remains

Everything else is drowning in the rain

My wings fell down three years ago

Leaving me all alone

Broken down with an empty echo

Dead without a backbone

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