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Two Roads

By Ella Cason

Volume 1 Issue 7

April 22, 2021

Two Roads

Image provided by eLife

There are two separate roads ahead which way would you go.

On the right there's is one road is the sound of the world,

on the left is the silence of the world.

The decision depends on your life and whatever you choose is your life.

The right road ahead is a road where you can do many different things.

Communication to people while others are silent.

The movement of words and movement to explore.

The left is the silence of the world but connects in other ways.

The communication of hands, emotion, and signs rather than ears and mouths

So, they mute their ears and shut their mouths and proud of who they are.

The two different roads that decide were you go.

They may seem different but together in the same world.

They value their culture like they value their souls.

Everyday people lie on those to roads a head.

A decision of life a decision of proudness and culture.

and every day a new person is born on the two separate roads ahead.

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