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UDA College Nationals

Giavanna Quagliata

Volume 4 Issue 3

March 13, 2024

UDA College Nationals

Image Provided by Varsity TV

UDA College Nationals 

UDA College Nationals is an event that has been all over social media; however, some may have watched it live on Varsity TV. Varsity TV is a website dedicated to exclusive live videos of cheer and dance competitions. UDA happened from January 12th to January 14th. Small fragments of each dance genre were posted to popular social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram. This increased publicity emphasized how hard each dancer and team worked to perfect the impeccable choreography they performed. 

What are the UDA College Nationals? UDA stands for Universal Dance Association. Most refer to this competition as, “The Super Bowl for Dancers,” which occurs every January at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex despite this year's “Dance Super Bowl” taking place in Orlando, Florida.  

The UDA was split into divisions. These divisions consist of the different genres of dance, including Hip Hop, Jazz, and Pom. For example, division 1 would be Hip Hop, and it continues. Each college had to choreograph for each genre and perform in front of judges, and thousands of spectators. The colleges that performed are from all over the world! 

Worldwide, people watched UDA, and many people had their opinions on who should have won. My two favorite colleges that competed were Ohio State and Minnesota! These two colleges excelled and didn’t miss a beat. They both had emotion and confidence. See for yourself on YouTube! To find the two videos just search up, “UDA nationals Ohio State,” or “UDA nations Minnesota.” 

If you don’t want spoilers don’t read! So, are you ready? Let’s see the results! 

Division IA - Hip Hop Results 

Louisiana State University, 97.2222 

University of Nevada- Las Vegas, 96.4921 

University of Memphis, 95.9365 

San Diego State University, 95.0635 

University of Central Florida, 90.6349 

University of Cincinnati, 89.9206 

Florida State University, 89.127 

University of Michigan, 87.254 

Washington State University, 85.9524 


Division IA - Jazz Results  

Ohio State University, 98.9206 

University of Minnesota Spirit Squad, 98.4286 

Louisiana State University, 96.7778 

University of Tennessee, 95.5556 

University of Michigan, 94.6349 

Texas Tech University, 94.1111 

Florida State University, 93.9683 

University of Alabama, 93.2857 

University of Central Florida, 92.4444 

Rutgers University, 91.5714 

Washington State University, 91.2857 


Division IA - Pom Results 

University of Minnesota Spirit Squad, 98.4762 

Ohio State University, 97.7143 

Pennsylvania State-University Park, 96.4762 

Texas Tech University. 96.1429 

University of Tennessee, 96.0317 

University of Cincinnati, 94.9048 

University of Memphis, 94.2222 

University of Iowa, 93.127 


Division I - Hip Hop Results  

University of Delaware, 90.6825 

Utah Valley University, 89.9683 

St John's University, 87.5714 

Grand Canyon University, 86.0794 

University of Saint Thomas, 85.1587 

Saint Joseph's University, 84.9365 

College of Charleston, 83.7302 

Lindenwood University, 83.2381 

Northern Arizona University, 81.2857 

Division I - Jazz Results  

Cal State University Fullerton, 95.2063 

Hofstra University, 94.2381 

Utah Valley University, 93.8413 

University of Saint Thomas, 93.0952 

University of Delaware, 92.4921 

Grand Canyon University,92.4444 

UC Santa Barbara, 91.1111 

University of Nebraska Omaha, 88.9683 

Southeastern Louisiana University, 87.6825 

College of Charleston, 87.6349 


Division I - Pom Results 

Hofstra University, 96.0317 

UC Santa Barbara, 94.6508 

Cal State University Fullerton, 93.6508 

Quinnipiac University, 93.0317 

Saint Joseph's University, 92.746 

South Dakota State University, 92.746 

University of Northern Iowa, 90.381 

North Dakota State University, 90.1429 

Cornell University, 90 

University of Nebraska Omaha, 90 

Central Connecticut State Univ, 88.4127 

Open - Hip Hop Results 

Northwest Community College, 88.2381 

West Chester University, 85 

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 81.0159 

Stockton University, 80.9206 

Rowan University, 80.1429 

Univ of Puerto Rico Río Piedras, 79.6508 

Worcester State University, 77.9683 

University of Scranton, 77.4603 

Open - Jazz Results 

Minnesota State University, Mankato, 94.2381 

University of Minnesota-Duluth, 91.8889 

Orange Coast College, 89.6667 

St Cloud State University, 89.5397 

Stockton University, 89.4762 

Endicott College, 88.0952 

College of St Benedict, 87.2222 

Northwest Missouri State University, 87.1429 

Adelphi University, 86.7619 

The College of New Jersey, 86.381 

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 85.0476 

Univ of Puerto Rico Río Piedras, 84.746 

St. Joseph's University New York, 83.9683 

Rowan University, 82.4762 

Open - Pom Results 

Minnesota State University, Mankato, 95.4921 

Endicott College, 94.3651 

University of Minnesota-Duluth, 92.1746 

Orange Coast College, 90.5079 

St Cloud State University, 90.3968 

Northwest Missouri State University, 89.2698 

College of St Benedict, 88.5556 

The College of New Jersey, 86.6032 

St. Joseph's University New York, 86.5238 

University of Central Missouri, 86.1111 

Adelphi University, 84.873 

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