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Valley Stream District Bowling

By Ismaela Andre

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

Valley Stream District Bowling

Image provided by Ismaela Andre

Back row (L to R) Kayla Chinchilla (Central), Sam Diaz (Central), Riley Granda (Memorial), James Bello (North), Adam Norton (Central), Michael Goetz (North), Coach Pandolfi Middle Row (L to R) Melody Chen (North), Augustine Magapan (North), Daniel Casey (South), Tony Wong (Central), Dylan Cittadino (North), Kaylin Hom (Central) Front Row (L to R) Emily Jia (Central), Momina Ali (South), Nadia Inesta (Memorial), Ismaela Andre (North), Ariella Montalban (South) 


Have you ever gone bowling? Did you find it fun? Well, did you know that our school district has a bowling team? Our team coach is Mr. Pandolfi. For you to get onto the team, you must try out. However, that experience is just as fun. It’s a good way to make friends and connections.  

I joined this team in 2021, and each year I love it! My favorite part is that it's students not only from North but Memorial, Central, and South too. This allows me to see my friends from the other high schools. There are two teams, the girls and the boys. We played against multiple schools, such as Hewlett High School, Long Beach High School, Lynbrook High School, and Lawrence High School. Girl teams must play against the girls, and boys must play against the boys. There’s a series of matches after school.  

To be on this team, you must put forth the effort, for it is still a varsity sport. In each match, you must try your best. The main goal is to knock down as many pins as you can. The more pins that we knock down, the more matches we win! Last year, the girls' team made it to the finals. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but the experience and joy were amazing. Hopefully, you can join our school Varsity Bowling Teams! 


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(L to R) Jesleys Vasquez (North), Emily Jia (Central), Ismaela Andre (North), Kaylin Hom (Central), Melody Chen (North), Nadia Inesta (Memorial), Ariella Montalban (South), Momina Ali (South), Aleeza Akhtar (South) 


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