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Video Games and Quarantine

By Augustine Magapan

Volume 1 Issue 6

March 18, 2021

Video Games and Quarantine

Image provided by the Washington Post

Hello, and welcome back to another game review! First, we talked about the virtual headset, the Oculus Quest 2, and the difference between that and the first Oculus Quest. In this issue, we are going to discuss video games I have played during quarantine, and those others have played as well. Video games served as a way to cope with boredom while being stuck at home. There will be no ranking system, but rather an analysis of the game and discussion about why people played it and how it became so popular.

The first game I would like to discuss is Animal Crossing New Horizons. The trailer was released in June 2019 and no one was expecting this, but people hoped for Animal Crossing to come out for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing involves you having an island or area of some sort and control what happens. You can plant trees, go fishing, catch bugs, spend time with friends, and talk to villagers. No, they aren’t the villagers like Minecraft; instead, they are animals. You are the only human in the game. In addition, you can expand your property and do your best to make sure your island has the best rating. This game came out in March 2020 when quarantine quickly become more serious. Another thing is that there is this tanuki named Tom Nook, where he advises you and recommends actions you should take. However, when you do whatever he tells you to, you’ll be in his debt. It is a trend for the past games Nintendo has made, no matter where you go, you’ll always be in the debt of Tom Nook. To get out of debt, you’ll have to sell items and make profit off of them which can be done by selling bugs and fish, fossils, and many other things that can be valuable to his little companions, Timmy and Tommy. They run a shop where you can buy furniture and sell items to them. Going back to Animal Crossing New Horizons, people hoped there would be new creatures, fruits, more inventory space, and many more in-game functions. Once this game came out, millions of people started playing it as time progressed through quarantine. There is no competition between other people, and you’re able to be at peace when you play it. It’s a very simple game to play, and I enjoy playing it myself since you can get creative and enjoy all it has to offer.

Another game that became popular during quarantine was Among Us. Yes, the game where you accuse people for being ‘sus’ or suspect for the things they do. This game first came out in 2018, but it hadn’t reached popularity until 2020. If you don’t know what this game is already, I advise you to download it on your phone for free and try it out. It is a game containing tiny space people who look adorable? I guess you can say that they look adorable for the fact they have floating hands that aren’t connected to any part of their bodies, as well as having cute legs. These brightly-colored space people must complete tasks to save their spaceship and win. Here’s the twist though: one, two, or three “imposters”. This means three players who aren’t space people. Rather, they are murderous characters who sabotage others and ultimately win by killing each space person who isn’t an imposter. If you are an imposter rather than a crewmate, knowing you need to kill every other player and making sure they don’t complete their tasks, you can also accuse them when it comes to a meeting. We will get to that later, but once all crewmates are eliminated, you win! Crewmates are the opposite of imposters; they are the ones who fulfill tasks and work together to make sure all the tasks are complete so you can win. When you see a dead body on the floor, you can report it so you can start a meeting. Meetings are when it starts to get serious because it’s like a court room. You must state your alibi and make sure you aren’t found guilty. Whether you are a crewmate or imposter, you should always try to prove yourself innocent while trying to either accuse other people. Well, that goes for me at least since when I’m in a meeting if I’m an imposter, I’d try to get into people’s heads saying that I’m innocent since I do a specific task or saying other things by the deceptive actions I have taken. Crewmates, on the other hand, should figure out who the imposter is but can be deceived by one another. It’s hilarious during some games, and other games you are dead silent and serious. Youtubers make it look fun and it’s also fun when you play with friends. Pewdiepie, Disguised Toast, KSI, and many more youtubers make it seem like the game is fun when you start getting into it: especially Corpse, a youtuber with an interesting tone of voice. Viewers love him and so do I. You should Among Us a try since it’s still common to see others playing. It’s still pretty popular.

Our final game we can discuss for this issue is Minecraft. You heard me well, the blocky Lego-looking...oops! That’s Roblox. I meant to say the blocky cube game where you are in a world of blocks and you yourself are a block. Surely you must have heard the game since it came out almost ten years ago and has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. Some years the game was popular, other years people lost interest. If you still don’t know the blocky game, it started off with a man named Steve. That is the main character of the game followed along with Alex. Of course, you can have your own skins, but it should be noted that Steve and Alex were the first two characters to be in the game. You are also known as the ‘player’. After having your character, you spawn in the world and simply mine, otherwise known as breaking blocks. You break blocks to gather resources and materials and then craft them to make more materials and structures. You continue to repeat this process as if you were in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods creating stone and iron tools. Sooner or later, you can find DIAMONDS. Diamonds are ores as well, like coal and iron. While adventuring and mining, you are going to encounter mobs like animals, zombies, and creepers. You must butcher the animals to eat so your hunger bar doesn’t go down, and dangerous mobs might kill you. Now that you know the overworld, there was an update that made Minecraft popular again during quarantine. It was the new “nether update” which is a new version of the nether. The nether is the opposite of the overworld; it’s the underworld where zombie pigmen, ghosts, wither skeletons, and other dangerous mobs are your obstacles. You can acquire more material in there as well, and that is only found in the underworld. However, there are new creatures lurking and biomes in the underworld. This contains piglins who will kill you if you don’t wear gold armor and will trade with you. The overall goal of Minecraft is to kill the Ender Dragon and go to the end. But it is not really the end since there will be a new beginning. Other than that, you should have fun and enjoy the game as a whole. You can get creative with what you build, and play with friends. After all, it’s cross-platforming.

That concludes all the game review I have for this issue. I enjoyed writing this article and discussing something that I like. If you have any other recommendations on what I should review, please reach out to me, and we can have a fun time writing and reading about it here. I probably will write another article on video games during quarantine. These were only a few, and there are many more to come in the future to discuss. Thank you for reading, and see you guys soon!

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