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Volleyball Clinics

By Aleeza Dhillon

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

Volleyball Clinics

Original photography by Aleeza Dhillon

For the past few weeks, our school district has hosted volleyball clinics to improve the skills of seventh and eighth graders. With help from the volleyball coaches at all schools and older students, all participants have improved.

We started by teaching the girls all the skills they would need to be the best they could be on the court. After that, we scrimmaged with them, which gave the coaches a sense of what they needed to work on. By the last session, the girls were playing actual games and displaying successful use of their skills. I attended many of these sessions, and the improvement was apparent.

Not only did these girls become better players, but they also became better friends. On and off the court, their sportsmanship and friendship were evident. They bonded with each other through their love for the same sport. No doubt they will make selections for the next volleyball season much harder for all coaches!

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