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Who Do We Belong

Madisen Dubose

Volume 4 Issue 3

March 13, 2024

Who Do We Belong

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“I am you; you are me. We are one. We have existed here for as long as we can remember. Do not forget what is given.” 


A voice echoed out into the darkness. It was cold and unfamiliar, yet warm... What was given? I didn’t know. I was floating, like a dream. Who... Am I? What are we? A question left unasked as eyes hazily open to a sea of black nothingness. This place was void of life. My body was heavy yet consciously, I was light like a feather. It didn’t make sense but was perfectly articulate. This is the birthplace...  

I’m not sure how I knew, but the thoughts flooded in with profound knowledge I’ve never known of but lived all the same. The accident, on that day... I remember it. What made me, me. It was only bits and pieces, but... 


As my body’s matter soon began to materialize in this dark realm, I could understand my form again. It was all wrong. My arms stretched harshly with a crackle from my stressed bones, knees that can barely hold themselves up buckling in, long beast-like claws attached to my now ugly form. I tried to look at my face, but it was no longer there. The only thing to stare back were the large razor-sharp teeth that jutted from the deep void I now call a face. A true and pure monster I’ve become. All I could do was tear at my empty sockets, my sunken nose, my bladed teeth in rage and fear. For I've seen what I truly am now.  


No longer human. 

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