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World Cup 2022

By Leah Ally

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

World Cup 2022

Image produced by Leah Ally

ince 1930, the World Cup has been the most popular and most watched sporting event as 32 qualifying teams go head-to-head in a series of games to determine which nation will hold the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Every four years, the World Cup has become a worldwide event beloved by soccer fans and even those who may not be too familiar with the sport. Undoubtedly, the World Cup will continue its long-lasting legacy for years to come.  

The 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar, starting November 20th and ending December 18th. This would be the first time the World Cup would be held in the winter, as it was determined that Qatar’s hot climate would not be suitable to be played in during the summer. With 64 matches to be played in eight locations across five cities, the contest took place over 29 days (about four weeks). Thirty-one teams were chosen from each of FIFA’s six regional soccer confederations based on their performances over the last four years, while the national football team of Qatar automatically qualified for the event, their first World Cup. Due to its treatment of women and migrant laborers, as well as its climate, lack of vibrant football culture, scheduling adjustments, and claims of bribery for hosting rights, the decision to host the World Cup in Qatar has been controversial. The event was estimated to be the most expensive World Cup ever hosted, with $220 billion worth of expenses, which would result in a 40% increase in ticket prices since the 2018 tournament. Over the event, the World Cup was expected to draw 5 billion viewers, over half of the world’s population.  

This year’s event was bound to be emotional for fans and players as numerous stars announced retirement. These players include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Thiago Silva, and Guillermo Ochoa. As of now, Qatar 2022 will mark the last World Cup for these stars as they will continue their legacy off the field while hoping for their final victory.  

It is safe to say the World Cup of 2022 would be exciting for both fans and teams, with high hopes and anticipation as history would be made. 

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